Best Times to Buy a Car

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Buying a new car can be a daunting task. It requires thorough research, budgeting, a pre-approved loan (if necessary), and careful prioritization.

Don’t fret—the car-buying process doesn’t need to be a painful or expensive one. If you want the best deal when you buy a car, timing is everything. We’ve laid out some tips and tricks you can use to walk away with the car you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

Shop at the End of the Year

During late fall and early winter, salespeople and finance managers are looking to meet or exceed quotas, and manufacturers ranging from Nissan to Ford are offering incentives to clear older inventory. This is why November and December often feature lower prices.

The one downside, however, to shopping for cars towards the end of the year is that selections for new cars may be limited. So long as you’re not seeking out a specific model, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Go to the Dealership Right Before Closing

While many salespeople are pushing to get their numbers up at the end of the year, many also have weekly—and even daily —goals to meet. Furthermore, if you come in well-rested and ready to negotiate, you will have an advantage over the salesperson who’s been working all day, especially if you demonstrate you are serious about purchasing a car. The dealer may be more willing to offer discounts in order to get the last deal in before going home.

If you use this method, note the salesperson’s attitude as you enter. While many are more than happy to assist you—and give you a nice price because they want another sale before heading home. Some may be too tired to haggle, have social plans, or simply have already made enough sales in the day (and thus aren’t willing to cut into that sticker price).

Wait for the End of the Month or Quarter

Sales quotas also apply to the end of months and quarters. Remember: car sales representatives work on commission, and many bonuses are given after quotas are satisfied or exceeded. This is why deals are more likely to be given to customers in the days before a big monthly or quarterly sales report.

Realize, however, that each sale must be approved by the dealership’s manager. While most sales are approved, some can be too good to be true. Before you get excited about the deal-of-a-lifetime you just snagged, be sure to relax and wait for approval from the higher-ups first.

Buy Cars When Next Year’s Models Are Released

You’ve heard the saying, “In with the new, out with the old.” Next year’s models typically arrive in late summer to early fall, making dealers eager to sell the remaining cars leftover from the previous year since they are still paying for their inventory. If you’re not trying to get the best and the latest, seek out these older models. Chances are their prices will go down as the new cars come in.

Manufacturers differ in when they release new models. Some come out as early as May. Pay attention to this, and go make a purchase on the older model when the new units hit the lot.

Other Tips

Understand there is no perfect method to getting a great deal on a new car. The key in getting cheap cars is to be flexible and strategic. Research the prices others are getting for your vehicle before even going to the dealership. Also, go to at least three dealerships, so you can compare quotes. If you need financing, compare the terms you get at several financial institutions as well as from the dealership. Finally, keep an eye out for rebates and other incentives for purchasing a vehicle; manufacturers often offer these to buyers.

Parking with Luxe

We know how difficult it can be to find parking around the city. When you’re busy, there isn’t time to circle the block, feed parking meters, or decipher confusing parking signs—we get it.

That’s where we come in! We make it simple to get around the city and maintain your car so you can spend more time on the things that matter most. Whether you’re commuting to work, rushing to make your dinner reservation, or out for a night on the town, know that parking won’t be a problem. Download the Luxe app today and get your first two parks FREE!


Buy or Lease a Car—Which Is Right for You?

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Leasing a car is a viable option for those who need one, but would you prefer that to buying a car outright? However, not all lease deals are created equal. Some of the topics discussed below include how to lease a car, long and short-term leases, and what “wear and tear” is acceptable on a leased car.

Short-Term Car Lease vs. Long-Term Car Lease: Which of These Lease Deals Is Better For You?

There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to having either a short-term and a long-term lease. Before you decide which option is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a car for more than six months, but less than 24 months? If so, a short-term lease option is best for you.
  • Are you concerned with having a lower monthly payment? If so, a long-term lease will be a better option than a short-term lease.
  • Other things to take into consideration, when choosing a lease option, is the following:
    • Gap insurance: this is insurance needed to bridge the difference between what your car is actually worth and what the fair market value is. This is essential because, in the event of an accident, your insurance company may not be able to cover the full amount of what you owe the leasing company.
    • Warranties: will they be jeopardized on your car if you get non-dealership services, or “after market” parts?
    • Subleasing: be advised that, unless you get permission from the leaseholder, you cannot sublease your car. Therefore, consider how long you really need the car for before leasing it.

Wear and Tear: What Qualifies, and What Doesn’t?

When you’re getting ready to turn in your car, certain things do, and do not, qualify as normal wear and tear. Please be sure to keep this in mind as it can result in incurring additional fees when you turn in your leased car. Before the dealer whips out his car lease calculator, make sure you keep the following in mind:

  • Mileage: keep your prescribed mileage in check—you will be hit with severe overage fees if you go over the prescribed mileage.
  • Detailing: if your tires are bald, your bumpers have “dings”, or your interior is too filthy, it pays to get your car detailed. If you allow the dealership to do it for you, you’ll have to pay the price.
  • Any missing parts—such as spare tires—must be replaced before you return the car, or you will be charged for the replacements.

Should You Buy Your Car Instead?

Sometimes, leasing a car isn’t the best option, even if you get one of the best cars to lease. The following is a list of reasons why you should buy a car instead of leasing it:

  • Do you plan on keeping the car after the lease term is up? If you’re the type to have a “long-term relationship” with your cars, then buying a car is cheaper—and better—for you in the long run.
  • How hard are you on your car? If you tend to be rough with your cars—whether deliberately or not–then buying a car is a smarter option in the long run—leasing a car that you’re hard on will result in substantial fees.
  • Do you need to drive a car for business? For taxation purposes, you cannot deduct the use of a leased car from your taxes. However, a purchased car can indeed be deducted from your taxes.


Regardless of whether you choose to lease or buy a car, Luxe will be able to provide you with a variety of on-demand parking and car services to suit your needs. Download the app today to learn more and get started!

5 Tips for Stress-Free Car Purchase Negotiations

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Aside from purchasing a home, car buying is the largest investment most people make. You’re paying thousands of dollars and are usually locked into financing over several years, so it’s no wonder it’s such a stressful transaction.

Much of that stress comes when it’s time to discuss the dollars and cents. Negotiation can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know how to buy a car or are inexperienced at haggling. After all, bartering with a professional salesperson might make you feel like you’re a little out of your depth.

Here are a few car buying tips when you’re negotiating your car purchase.

1. Know the Vehicle You Want

Before you set foot in the dealership, narrow down your vehicle selection. Have three vehicles at most that you’re seriously looking to buy. Car salespeople will take full advantage of customers who aren’t sure what they want or haven’t done their research. These are the customers who end up having buyer’s remorse soon after.

Spend time researching reputable online sites, comparing models you think you might want. Drive through car dealership lots after hours to look at these vehicles without any pressure from salespeople. Only once you think you’d seriously consider the car should you walk into the dealership.

2. Only Pay for the Features You Want

On the car lot, there’s a good chance you won’t always find vehicles equipped exactly how you want. That means a salesperson will probably show you cars that have more features than you need. While the extras may be nice to have, you should base your negotiation on the features you originally want. The salesperson knows they are “upselling” you on features, which is a soft spot in their armor. Act like the extras aren’t important, offering only to buy car features you want.

3. Know Actual Selling Prices

You can use an online tool such as Kelley Blue Book to determine the Fair Market Pricing for virtually any vehicle, used or new. When you know the Fair Market Price, you know what range you should expect to pay for the vehicle you want.

Start your negotiations at the low end of the Fair Market Price, and be comfortable settling for a selling price anywhere in the fair range. If the salesperson won’t agree to a price in the fair market range, be prepared to walk away.

4. Get Competitive Quotes

Leverage your position for buying a car by obtaining quotes from more than one dealership. If there is one dealership that clearly has a better price than the others, start your car buying process there. You may just want to deal with a local dealership, so you can use the competitor’s quotes to negotiate a better price. Just make sure the vehicles you are comparing are apples to apples — the same car make and model with the same features.

5. Negotiate on Selling Price, Not Payment

When you are discussing price with the salesperson, they will probably try to negotiate a payment price with you, not a selling price. It’s a favorite tactic used by salespeople to increasing the selling price. By talking about small amounts instead of the overall price, small increases can seem harmless yet make a big difference in the total amount you’ll pay. Keep the topic on total selling price so you maintain control of negotiations.

If the sales process gets uncomfortable, simply walk away. You should never feel like you’re being pressured. After all, it’s your money and you’re in control.

Cruise Into Your Vacation From NYC: Easy Planning and on Board Travel Tips

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You’ve finally managed to get some time away from the office to book a much-needed cruise leaving from the Manhattan cruise terminal, and you have a lot of things to do before you leave. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of essentials you need to handle before you leave on your New York cruise.

Be Flexible With Your Dates, and Book Early

This is, admittedly, a little easier when you can take a vacation at your leisure and not when you have preset vacation days. However, if you can afford to be flexible with your vacation dates, try to leave on days when it would be cheaper to do so and book your tickets as soon as you possibly can. Many travel experts suggest that you book on Tuesdays, in the early afternoon, to get the best rates from the airline. If you wait until the last minute to book your tickets, they will be exorbitantly expensive.

Don’t Wait Until You Get On The Ship to Book Shore Excursions

If you’re looking to save some money — and make no mistake about it, cruises can be extremely expensive — plan for your shore excursions before you leave. If you wait until you’re sailing to book a shore excursion, it can cost a lot.

If You Have Dietary Restrictions, Alert the Cruise Ship Ahead of Time

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan? Do you require a gluten-free diet? Do you not eat pork due to religious reasons? These are all dietary restrictions that the cruise ship must take into account before it leaves the port; it can’t, and won’t, do so on the day you leave. You should communicate any dietary restrictions you have with the ship at least a few weeks before your trip starts.

Bring Enough to Sustain Yourself, But Don’t Overpack

It’s a good idea to bring all toiletries such as soaps and shampoos from home because it’s much less expensive than buying what you need on the cruise ship. However, be mindful not to over pack. If it can’t all fit into a carry-on suitcase, then it’s probably not worth taking. And don’t worry about running out of clothes; many cruise ships have laundry services on board.

Arrive in New York the Day Before Departure

You have a long day of traveling ahead of you on the first day of your NYC cruise. If you need to arrive in NYC from somewhere else, especially if you’re traveling from outside the state, make sure you get to NY the day before your boat is scheduled to leave. Your body, free of jet lag, will be grateful.

Use Luxe to Keep Your Car Safely and Securely Parked

Parking your car in NYC can be a huge expense, and there’s no guarantee your car will be kept safe. With Luxe, you can take comfort in knowing that your car will be safely and securely parked while you’re away on vacation. In addition to curbside service — where we’ll pick up your car right near the Manhattan Cruise Terminal for you — we also offer competitive parking rates and a convenient app that lets you pay for your parking securely. Learn more about our cruise parking packages today!

Introducing Parking for Your Cruise

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Hop on board the S.S. Luxe Manhattan, because we’re introducing a new way for you to worry less about your car and enjoy more of what you have planned ahead. We’re launching Parking For Your Cruise, a prepaid package that has Luxe store your vehicle in one of our secure garages while you’re away out at sea. On the day of your trip, a valet will meet you at the cruise terminal to pick up your car. When you return, a valet will bring your car back to the same cruise terminal.

Packages start at only $140 for a 5-day trip. To learn more about this new offering and how to purchase a Parking For Your Cruise package, click here.

Bon voyage, and sea you there!
Team Luxe

Memorial Day Hours

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Memorial Day weekend kicks off tomorrow! That’s right, only one day until you drive off to enjoy 72 hours of fun. But before you head out, please take note of our holiday operating hours this Monday, May 30. We will resume our normal hours on Tuesday, May 31.

Memorial Day Hours:

  • Chicago: Closed
  • Austin: Closed
  • SF: 10 AM–9 PM
  • LA: 10 AM–8 PM
  • NYC: 7 AM–10 PM
  • Seattle: 10 AM–9 PM

Happy 3-day weekend!
Team Luxe

Clean out your closet with Luxe and Goodwill!

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Before Spring comes to an end, we’ve partnered with Goodwill® to collect gently used clothing such as jackets, shirts, pants, blouses and any other items of clothing you’re shedding and would like to donate. And for every bag you donate, we’ll donate $1 to Goodwill.

Goodwill sells donations in its stores and online and uses the revenue to help people find jobs, earn paychecks, build their careers, support their families and build stronger communities. Together, as a community, we’re helping Goodwill put people back to work. Read the personal stories of people Goodwill has helped through your donations.

Here’s how you can spring clean for a good cause when you park with Luxe

  • Select the Give to Goodwill service from the Add-Ons menu after you park with us starting today till June 1.
  • Place your clothing donation in a bag clearly marked for Goodwill and leave it in the front seat (not the trunk) for a Luxe valet to collect.
  • All donations should be new or gently used, and must be clothing only. For more information on what to, and not to, donate please click here.
  • All Seattle customers will receive their donation receipts via email after completion of the service.
  • All NYC customers can download their donation receipt here.

Happy spring cleaning!
Team Luxe

Luxe Raises $50 Million Series B to Continue to Deliver On-Demand Valet Parking and Car Services to Consumers

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Today, we are proud to continue to make car ownership as painless as possible together with Hertz Global Holdings, Redpoint Ventures and Venrock. We are thrilled to welcome Hertz Global Holdings to the Luxe family, as well as the addition of John P. Tague, Hertz Global Holdings president and chief executive officer, and a member of the Hertz Global Holdings Board of Directors, to our board. Thank you to our investors and employees for all of their hard work — and most importantly, we couldn’t have done this without our amazing customers — THANK YOU! Stay tuned for even more great things from Luxe!

Read more about it here.

Team Luxe

Announcing Luxebots

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At Luxe, we drive innovation while staying ahead of the curve on the road to on-demand valet parking and car services perfection. While doing this, we embrace the inherent challenges faced in simplifying the way cities park and maintain their vehicles. And while our technology and automotive industry friends invest in self-driving cars in hope of the perfect future for transportation, we’ve also been planning for the future of on-demand valet parking. Because aside from Luxe’s many successes, solving for the urban problem of parking is complicated. However, one of our greatest challenges is about to become one of our most robust solutions. It’s called LuxeBot.

LuxeBot is simply the replacement of imperfect human valets with perfect robots. Investing in the creation of these machines is an investment in our customer experience—our main inspiration for everything we do. There are countless reasons for making this profound transition. The secret software servicing our LuxeBots provides plentiful perks that will be sure to please all of our customers.

Customers can now enjoy constant, in-depth communication about the status of their vehicle even while their LuxeBot is driving. Each LuxeBot is now programmed to speak our customer’s preferred language fluently, in the appropriate dialect and accent. LuxeBots can run one mile per minute up hills with a 9% grade, in the rain. They can jump over intersections during rush hour. And LuxeBots are equipped with up-to-the-second self-navigation software that guarantees they never take a wrong turn.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new LuxeBot program. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy it and immediately forget about those human valets we used for way too long.

Happy Parking!
Team Luxe

P.S. If you have read this far, Happy April Fools’ Day from Luxe! We love our perfect human valets and thank them for being such troopers. We have no plans to ever replace them. Those self-driving cars still need to be parked, too!

Bay Area Middle-Distance Relationships Hurt By Bad Parking

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Along with SSI/Instantly, we recently surveyed Bay Area residents who drive into San Francisco and found that on average, commuters travel 90 miles round trip to get to work in the city. As a result, they often have to sacrifice social activities at night with friends, colleagues and/or partners in order to get back home in a timely manner.

Unlike Long Distance Relationships (LDR), these suburbanites are often engaging in a middle-distance relationship (MDR) with city dwellers. Our survey results show that parking in the city deters them from spending time with their city-based friends, causing middle-distance relationships to suffer.

The survey revealed a few other surprising facts – that dining is important to Bay Area residents, but parking is a major hindrance:

  • 71% of Bay Area residents drive to the city to eat at a local restaurant
  • 82% of Bay Area residents would come to SF more often if there were more parking available
  • 42% of Bay Area residents spend, on average, 20 or more minutes searching for a parking spots

With 88% of Bay Area residents coming into the city for personal activities, we want to make middle distance relationships thrive again in the Bay Area. People who live in East Bay, Peninsula, Marina County, South Bay and Silicon Valley shouldn’t be deterred from visiting friends in the city just because of parking!

See below for the complete findings of our survey and don’t choose to be in an MDR and park with Luxe!

Team Luxe

Limited parking deters Bay Area resident’s from visiting San Francisco

  • 74% avoid driving to San Francisco due to difficult/limited parking, which was the second biggest deterrent, the first being traffic
  • 82% would come to SF more often if there were more parking available
  • 42% spend, on average, 20 or more minutes searching for a parking spot

Friendships are impacted by limited parking

  • 39% avoid seeing SF-based friends due to limited parking
  • 73% would be more likely to visit SF-based friends if parking were easier

Bay Area residents travel far distances to visit San Francisco

  • 55% live 40 or more miles away from the city

People most come to the city for personal/leisure activities, with weekends being peak times for visits

  • 88% visit the city for personal activities (not work related)

Saturday, Sunday and Friday are the most popular days that people drive into the city, respectively

  • 12% drive in on Monday
  • 12% drive in on Tuesday
  • 14% drive in on Wednesday
  • 15% drive in on Thursday
  • 38% drive in on Friday
  • 78% drive in on Saturday
  • 47% drive in on Sunday

Dining is the most common reason people drive into the city at night or on weekends

  • 71% drive to the city to eat at a local restaurant