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Future of Luxe

The Future of Luxe

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Luxe’s assets have been acquired by Volvo Cars.

We started Luxe four years ago with the idea that owning a car shouldn’t be so difficult and focused our initial efforts around the worst of all problems for drivers — parking. Equipped with a smartphone and thousands of eager blue jacketed valets, we transformed how commuters parked every day. We reduced traffic from drivers who would have otherwise circled aimlessly looking for parking, we saved customers valuable time, and helped transform cities by reducing the dependency on having parking lots in central city locations by storing cars in the fringe. Thank you to all of our customers. Your love, passion and feedback became the fuel that inspired us to make Luxe more useful and delightful every day.

What’s next?

A few months ago, we were approached by Volvo about teaming up. Many employees at Volvo were avid Luxe customers and were impressed by what we built. And as we learned more about Volvo, it was clear they were one of the most progressive automotive companies we had met. Their recent bold commitment to be the first traditional automaker to only launch electric or hybrid new models starting in 2019 resonated strongly with our mission of transforming transportation. As we engaged in many conversations, it was clear there was also a shared vision on the future of automotive. A belief that we are on the precipice of a technological revolution where electrification, autonomous drive, connectivity and digital experiences among others will transform our lives like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Working at Volvo gives us scale, resources and access to a global company that is committed to the future. Moreover, Volvo is committed to allowing us to fulfill our vision. With the acquisition, Luxe will continue to operate as its own unit working on some of Volvo’s most meaningful initiatives in mobility and digital customer experiences. I look forward to continuing to lead the Luxe team at Volvo.

Lastly, I want to take the time to thank all of our great employees (past and present), including your families. Thank you for the late nights, weekends, blown vacations and other hardships we endured running a live operating business moving vehicles nonetheless. It definitely was not easy, but you made it all work through sheer grit and smarts and I’m forever grateful and honored to have worked alongside you.

Now Available in San Francisco and Chicago—Luxe Garages!

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At Luxe, we strive to make parking your vehicle both convenient and affordable. Customers like you rave about our Door-to-Door Valet service, and we’re thrilled to introduce a new addition, Luxe Garages.

Starting today, open up the Luxe app and select one of our secure garages located throughout our service area. Simply drive to the garage and a Luxe Valet will meet you at the entrance and park your vehicle. There’s no wait and the cost is even more affordable. The best part is that you can mix and match your services, so you can drop off at a garage and then have your vehicle valeted to you on its return, or vice versa!

How it works

  • Open the Luxe app, and select the garage you would like to park at. Request before you leave or simply pull up to the garage and request upon arrival.
  • Drive to the garage, hand your keys to our Valet, and you’re on your way. Enjoy all the convenience of curbside service, at a lower price with no wait!
  • When you’re ready to pick up your vehicle, just request it right before you arrive at the garage. You can also choose to have your vehicle delivered back to you for only $8—select your pick-up time and location and our Valet will return it then.

Open up the Luxe app to see our garage locations today!





A Day in the Life of a Luxe Valet: Meet Josh

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Asked about the most unique parking experience he’s ever had, Luxe Valet Manager Josh smiles and shares a recent story: “We had a customer request a pick-up via the app and just a few seconds later he called our Customer Service number. He let us know that his car only turns on by lifting the hood, jiggling a wire that’s duct taped to the engine, and only then could you turn the key in the ignition to get it to start. He wanted to know if we could still park his car.” Josh let him know that wouldn’t be a problem and upon meeting the customer at his requested destination, he made sure that he videotaped the process with his phone to ensure he knew exactly how to turn it on and off. He safely parked — and then successfully restarted — the customer’s car.


Prior to joining Luxe earlier this year, Josh had worked as a valet for seven years in Nashville, Tennessee. He recently moved to San Francisco to pursue his music career: he’s a saxophonist and has also sang back-up for Taylor Swift. To help support his music passion, he looked to get back into valeting cars. He was connected with Luxe where he was quickly promoted to Shift Captain. In his current role, he does everything from valet cars to manage shift schedules to recruit and train new valets.

Many of Luxe’s customers may have already met Josh, but given his unique role with the company, we thought it would be fun to give a peek into what goes into becoming a Luxe Valet, how these valets get around at lightning speed, as well as Josh’s own tips and tricks for unique ways to use the service.

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