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Holiday Gift Guide for Your Car

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You’ve braved the malls and finished shopping for everyone on your list. But have you considered your car? Yes, your car! It deserves a little treat every now and then for all it does for you. If you haven’t given it any thought yet, don’t worry. We’ve made it easy with this holiday gift guide for your car.

Glove Box Car Jump Starter

If your car’s battery isn’t ready for winter, you could find yourself needing a boost. You can do it alone with the glove box car jump starter for just $49.99. It plugs into your cigarette lighter, and in 10 minutes, your battery has a little extra spark.


Image Credit: Sharper Image


Digital Tire Gauge

If you eventually find your tire pressure gauge deep in your glove box, it’s either broken or you can’t read the numbers. A digital tire pressure gauge makes it easy to see the pressure so you can add the right amount of air. And if it takes off with the other pressure gauges, you can afford a new one at just $9.99.

Image credit: TEKTON


Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator

To make adjusting your tire pressures even simpler, choose this automatic tire inflator from Hammacher Schlemmer. All you need to do is attach the hose to your valve stem and set the desired pressure. The cordless, battery-operated tool takes care of the rest — for just $89.95.

Image credit: Hammacher Schlemmer


Karma Wi-Fi

If you need to stay connected everywhere you go, even in your car, look at the Karma Go. For just $49, you can purchase the Karma Go on the Pulse 25 plan and broadcast a wireless connection up to 100 feet. It works anywhere there’s a cell signal, and it’s just $29.99 for 5GB in your first month.


Image credit: Karma


Luxe Monthly Subscription

Treat your car to the valet experience with a Luxe Monthly Subscription. Operating in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, New York City, and Austin, Luxe offers a plan that’s right for your parking needs. While you’re at it, pamper your car with a car wash, fuel refill, or oil change service!


Drive Car Garbage Can

Keep your car neat and tidy with a garbage receptacle. The Drive car garbage can is handy and looks great, and it’s reasonably priced at $15.37.


Image credit: Drive Auto Products


Dash Cam

The Black Box Mobius Pro is a discreet dash cam that records high-quality video. Whether you need YouTube footage or accident evidence, it’s the right tool for the job.


Image credit: Black Box


Automatic: Connected Car Adapter

If you need to diagnose a warning light, clear the Check Engine light, or want automatic emergency response from crash detection, the Automatic connected car adapter works wonders. Priced at $99.88, it is compatible with Amazon Echo and integrates seamlessly with Android and Apple devices.


Image credit: Automatic


Car Seat Back Protectors

Keep your seat back clean and protected from dirty little footprints. These car seat back protectors attach easily and wipe clean. Best of all, they are just $14.97.


Image credit: Freddie and Sebbie


Pocket Multitool

Who knows what issues you might run into? You can be prepared for any circumstance with the Leatherman Surge Pocket Multitool. From the best name in multitool, it includes a bit, driver or blade for every job. Keep it in your glove box for only $99.85.


Image credit: Leatherman


Nomad Cable

Since you’re always searching for a charging cable, keep one on your keychain. The 3-inch Nomad lightning cable is MFii-certified and a bargain at just $12.95.


Image credit: Kero


Micro USB Car Charger

Need to charge a device in your car? No problem! With a Tylt car charger, you can charge your micro-USB device from your car’s power outlet. Better yet, the built-in USB port allows a second device to charge at the same time. It’s only $9.49.


Image credit: Tylt


Audible Subscription

Powered by Amazon, Audible audiobooks help pass the time when there’s nothing on the radio or you don’t have time to flip pages. Three-, six- or 12-month subscriptions are available, starting at $45.



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Tesla Road Trip Tips

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If you decide to take a road trip in your Tesla, you’re probably thrilled that you don’t have to budget for gas station stops. On some models like the Tesla Model S P100D, the range can be as much as 337 miles on a full charge before you need to recharge the battery. That’s about your limit between leg stretches and bathroom breaks too. When you hit the road with your Tesla, there are still items for which you need to plan. If a road trip is in your future, check out these Tesla road trip tips.

Plan to Recharge Your Batteries

If you’re headed across the state line or across the continent, you’ll need to top up your battery charge from time to time. Tesla has developed the Supercharger Network, featuring more than 700 locations with blazing-fast recharging stations. A Tesla Supercharger station can charge your battery to 80 percent capacity in just 40 minutes. Or, in just 75 minutes, you’ll have a fully charged car once again.

That’s just enough time to grab a sandwich and soda at a diner and snag a handful of snacks for the road. Better yet, the Tesla Supercharger Network is free of charge. All you have to do is plot available stations along your route. You can find available Supercharger stations on the Tesla website.

If you’d like to plan out all of your charging stops, we recommend you use a planning tool like EVTripPlanner. They’ll take into account the type of Tesla you have, outside temperature, and tire size to calculate your total travel time — driving + charging time.

For winter road trips, you should expect to use about 40 percent more power on average. For every 10-degree drop on the thermometer, you’ll lose around 10 miles of actual range. Factor this in when you’re calculating your charging stops.

Keep Track of Your Tesla

For road trips that require an overnight stay, you may have to leave your Tesla parked outside in unfamiliar territory. You may worry about your vehicle or its contents — after all, you’re probably fully loaded for your road trip. It would be great if you could post a sentry to stand guard.

With the Tesla Motors app, you can keep tabs on your Tesla no matter where you’re parked. If you want to warm or cool your car before you leave your hotel room, you can use the app. Not sure if you locked the doors? Confirm on your Tesla Motors app. Chirp the horn to find your car in the mall parking lot. Monitor your battery level, all right from the Tesla Motors app. It’s an essential download for your road trip and available for Android and iOS.

Expect the Unexpected

You might change your plans on the go — abandon the in-laws for a trip to Disney World with the fam. Or maybe you’re having issues with your car. Now your planning and route are out the window. With the ConnecTT app for iOS and Android, you can switch it up without a problem.

The ConnecTT app gets you in touch with anything you may need on your road trip. Looking for a Supercharger? ConnecTT will help you find the closest one. And if there aren’t any nearby, you can connect with other Tesla owners and request their help. Need service on your car? The app has qualified service stations near you for whatever you may need. Need a quick bite to eat? Location-based restaurants and coffee bars are listed. The ConnecTT app is a great addition to your device for your road trip.

Bring a Spare

OK, maybe a substitute for a spare tire will do. In the event that you catch a leaky tire on the road, far from a Tesla service center, the Tesla tire repair kit is a good investment.

It’s a portable compressor that also injects a sealant into the tire, slowing or stopping your tire leak. It’s not the best solution for a tire leak, but it’s a good one if you don’t have other options. Plus, it’ll keep you on your timeline for your road trip.

How to Buy or Lease a Car If You Have a Low Credit Score

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The reasons for a low credit score are aplenty. It could be a bit of immature spending when you first received a credit card accompanied by unpaid bills. It could be more solemn, like job loss or family issues that meant money was too tight to make your payments. It might be the simple fact you’ve never needed to take out a loan before. Yet, here you are, with a low credit score and are looking to buy or lease a car.

What can you do about it? With a little guidance, you can buy a car or sign a lease for a car even with a low credit score. Here are a few tips.

Choose a Car Within Your Means

If your credit score is less than stellar, you’ll need to temper your wants with your needs. Decide which options are absolutely essential and which ones you can do without. Your best choice for buying a car when you have poor credit is a newer vehicle with a low price tag. Auto loan companies perceive these types of loans as the lowest risk.

Scrounge Up a Down Payment

To show you’re serious about buying a car, have a down payment collected and ready when car shopping. The cash you have to put down on the loan or lease seems to make lenders work a little harder.

A down payment makes your loan more attractive because the percentage of the vehicle you’re borrowing is lowered. It also means you can finance or lease a more expensive car.

Know Your Options

Sometimes, leasing is an easier way to get the deal done on a car purchase. Other times, a purchase is more likely to be successful. It can vary from vehicle to vehicle and from dealership to dealership.

When you have selected the vehicle you want, determine the best option for your situation with the salesperson. You might need to switch your vehicle selection to make the deal work.

Shop for the Best Rates

You already know your credit rating isn’t at the top of the scale. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept whatever high-interest loan you’re offered first. Determine three to five lenders or dealerships that work with low-credit situations near you. Seek out lenders that are reputable and are rated well online, and then request pre-approval.

Compare the interest rates and repayment terms, selecting the best one for your situation. You’ll also want a quote from credit unions and the financial institution you normally use. Sometimes, the personal touch makes all the difference.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans

Another option that’s gaining popularity is Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) car loans. These are typically lenders who use their own funds to get you driving. That means your car loan or lease isn’t financed by a typical bank or lending institution. The lender has the flexibility to offer car loans and leases to anyone they’d like, including those with low credit scores.

If you choose to check out Buy Here Pay Here car dealers, be vigilant about your purchase. Know what the vehicle is worth – some seedy used car dealers jack up the price when low-credit buyers are on the hook, and sometimes the vehicles are in rough mechanical shape. And don’t get roped into astronomical interest rates right off the hop. In some cases, used car dealers charge up to 30% interest on BHPH loans.

Know What You’re Signing

It’s great to be thankful for getting a loan or lease for your car. Just make sure you read through all of your paperwork thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line. It’s a contract, so you’re responsible for knowing what you’re getting into.

Make Your Payments

Most importantly, never be late or miss a payment. It makes a lasting mark on your credit rating and can make future purchases difficult.

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Traveling with Pets: How to Plan a Road Trip with Your Cat or Dog

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Whether tagging along during a business trip or joining the family on vacation, Fido is a cherished companion. Traveling with pets is part of the adventure and should be considered wherever possible; plus, you don’t want to leave them home alone or put them up in a kennel, do you?

There are a handle of things to keep in mind if you’re taking a road trip with your pet. Comfort, safety, security, and enjoyment — your pet deserves them too!

ID Your Cat or Dog

They can’t speak for themselves. If your pets get lost on a road trip with no ID, you should know there’s little to no chance of getting them back. Ideally, your pet should be microchipped for easy identification. You should also equip your cat or dog with a collar and imprinted tags with your name, phone number, and other relevant contact information.

Reserve Pet-Friendly Hotels

Many hotel chains have pet-friendly rooms you can book if you’re traveling for more than one day. Call ahead to double-check, and book a room where your pet can join you in the accommodations. Note that you might be required to kennel your pets while they are inside the hotel room; inquire about the rules before you leave home.

Get Ready for a Long Drive

Yes, that means a good, long walk to get their business done before you hit the road. Also, make sure you pack items your pets would need for the length of your road trip. Bring pet food in a sealed container (it gets ripe in the car otherwise), water for the trip, and enough toys to keep them content during the drive.

Make the Trip Comfy for Everyone

When you get in the car for a cross-country trek, keep in mind that your cat or dog needs to be cozy for long distances. Bring pet beds or a crate they can use, and place them in a shaded area. Direct sunlight can make your pet overheated; trust me – you don’t want to contend with a car-sick animal.

Keep Your Pet Secure

A well-ventilated crate or pet carrier isn’t considered imprisonment by your cat or dog. They are den animals and typically like those spaces. Put a pet bed inside for comfort, and make sure you secure the crate with a strap or seatbelt in the event of an accident.

Stop Frequently

Avoid a mess inside your car, and prevent discomfort for your cat or dog. Make regular stops along your route to let Milo and Otis relieve themselves and stretch their legs, and let them rehydrate (but not too much). Break time is also a good chance for you to work out your own kinks.

Bring a Pet-Friendly Travel Kit

It’s not just about being in the car. You should always bring items that make a hotel room feel like home. Pack a pet grooming brush, a few yummy treats, and a couple of their favorite toys to prevent the stress of a new place, and include a basic first aid kit, and potential pet medications, as well.

Never Leave Your Pet in Your Hot or Cold Car

Depending on the season and the time of day, your car’s interior can cool off very quickly or heat up intensely in just a few minutes. Whether you’re headed to a restaurant for a bite to eat or stopping for the night, don’t leave your cat or dog in the car with the engine off. If you have a remote starter, you can start the engine for your pet to keep the interior temperature regulated comfortably. Otherwise, your pet should come with you.

Traveling with pets can be a great experience for both you and your pet. A little planning ahead will help make your road trip a smashing success!

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How to Winterize Your Car

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How to Winterize Your Car

If you think winter is hard on you, just consider how your car feels as you leave it out in the cold. Winter weather isn’t kind to your car. Luckily, you can winterize your car and get ready for the upcoming ice and snow. It’s a process you should do every year.

Wondering what you should do to winterize your car? It’s easy stuff, but each of these steps is important.

Schedule a Routine Maintenance Visit

One thing is for sure — you don’t want to drive into winter without knowing your car’s condition. Your car could have problems you aren’t aware of, causing an inconvenient or dangerous breakdown.

Before the snow flies, have your mechanic look your car over to make sure it’s ready for another harsh winter. Have the brakes and fluids checked, along with the steering and suspension. Get everything brought up to snuff so you can drive confidently.

Get Your Oil Changed

A great time to schedule your oil change is the change of seasons. Clean oil can help your engine start easier and can prevent running problems too. You may want to consider using synthetic oil for even smoother, reliable starts.

Check Your Antifreeze Strength

Have your mechanic check your antifreeze strength. It needs to be good for at least as cold as the lowest temperature you can expect this winter. If your antifreeze isn’t up to par and it freezes in your engine, it can be a major and untimely repair bill in your future.

Inspect Your Tires

For winter time, your tires need to be on point. If you have winter tires, get them installed when the temperature is consistently below 45 degrees. Make sure they have enough tread and are at the proper pressure as well.

Have your mechanic look over your tires during the routine maintenance visit for a little extra peace of mind.

Change Your Wipers

Without fail, you realize your wipers need to be replaced when you turn them on in the winter. Ice and snow build up on the arms and blades. All you can see through your windshield are blurred lines of a half-frozen mess.
While you’re replacing your wiper blades, top up your washer fluid with an appropriate winter washer antifreeze.

Get a Wheel Alignment

If your tires show signs of abnormal wear, it might be an indicator of bad wheel alignment. Or, if your steering wheel pulls to one side or shakes, there could be an alignment-related problem.

Have your wheel alignment performed annually. Your pre-winter alignment can catch suspension and steering issues that slip through the cracks undetected and can enhance your driving experience this winter.

Detail Your Car

Start the winter season with a clean car, and commit to cleaning it regularly. Highway salt combined with the moisture can breed corrosion in any little nook and cranny. It’s best to get that salt off your car every week or two, preventing the start of rust and corrosion that are unsightly and damage your car.

Assemble Your Winter Survival Kit

You could be the best driver on the highway, but trouble can strike anyone. Keep a well-stocked winter survival kit in your car, complete with food and water, warm supplies and emergency first aid. It’s great to have with you, and can be useful for yourself or if you come across another motorist who needs assistance.

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What to Keep in Your Car’s Winter Survival Kit

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As temperatures dip below freezing overnight, you have to consider how you’re going to make it through this winter. And no, I’m not talking about Netflix and chill. I’m talking about your car’s winter survival kit.

When you’re driving in wintry conditions, it doesn’t take much to get into trouble. In a snowstorm, you could get stuck on the road with no help around for hours or days. You’ll be on your own to get through it, and you need to be ready.

Keep a well-stocked survival kit in your car. Need some ideas of what it should contain? We’ve got that covered for you.

Your Car’s Winter Survival Kit Checklist

  • Water: You need water to survive more than anything. Keep a few bottles of water in your vehicle to sip on until help arrives. Ideally, you should have two to three days worth of water and food.
  • Food: It’s not about glamorous dining — just survival. Keep high-calorie foods in your kit such as energy bars and fruit snacks. Clif Bar energy bars are perfect. Also, if you can heat water, Mountain House Spaghetti is a little heartier, not to mention delicious!
  • Heat: Keep candles in your vehicle for light as well as heat. Don’t forget to crack a window open when they are lit, or you’ll run out of oxygen to breathe.
  • Stormproof matches: You’ve got to light your candles, right? These work well.
  • Blanket: This compact sleeping bag will keep you warm. It also doubles as a hi-vis signal or flag.
  • First aid kit: Treat minor injuries with a small first aid kit. Add a pocketknife if there isn’t one included.
  • Tow chain or rope: You can get out of many tight spots quickly with a tow chain or rope and a helping hand.
  • Flashlight: Keep a long-lasting flashlight in your survival kit, along with extra batteries.
  • Jumper cables: You want jumper cables that are at least 12 feet long, but 16 feet is even better.
  • Cell phone charger: Your cell phone can be your lifeline in an emergency. Keep it charged with a charging cable and a car adapter in your kit.
  • Emergency signals: Safety flares, reflector strips, mirrors and even your flashlight are good emergency signal tools.
  • Shovel: A compact shovel is crucial in heavy snow. De-icer spray and a windshield scraper help with visibility once you get moving again.
  • Toolkit: If a simple repair has you stranded, basic tools might be all you need. Keep some standard tools in your kit.
  • Battery-powered radio: Stay abreast of incoming weather with a battery-powered or manual crank radio.

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Tire Care Tips for Snow and Rain

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The mercury’s dropping and there’s a chill in the air. Autumn’s in full swing and winter is hiding just around the corner. With inclement weather comes treacherous road conditions, from both rain and snow. And with difficult driving in the forecast, are your tires up to the task?

The most important safety feature your car has is its tires. They are the only pieces of your car that touch the road. With such a small piece of the tire contacting the ground, you’d better be sure your tires can maintain traction.

Are My Tires All Right?


Check to see the depth of the tread left remaining on your studded snow tire.

  • You don’t need a professional to tell you if you have enough tire tread. All you need is a little pocket change.
  • Place a penny in the tire grooves with Lincoln’s upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, you have less than 2/32″ remaining tread.
  • Slide a quarter between the tire grooves with Washington’s head upside down. If the top of Washington’s head is covered, you have at least 4/32″ tread left.
  • Use a penny again. On the “tails” side, put the coin in the tire grooves upside down. If the top of the Lincoln Memorial is covered, you have a minimum of 6/32″ tread remaining.
  • With 6/32″ left, your tires have enough tread to get you through the winter. With 4/32″, you should start to consider tire options. If you’re at or below 2/32″, your tires need to be replaced right away.

Warning Signs

If you notice that your tires have unusual wear or bald patches, take note. These can be signs of other problems that can make winter driving hazardous as well as wear out your tires prematurely.

  • If the shoulder of the tire is badly worn while the rest of the tire is all right, there’s a good chance you need a suspension or steering repair. You may have a bent or loose part that needs to be replaced, or you may simply need a wheel alignment.
  • If the center of your tread is wearing more than the outer edges, your tires are overinflated. Not only does it shorten the lifespan of your tires, but it makes for worse traction, especially in the rain and snow.
  • If the front and rear tires are wearing at different rates, they need to be rotated. They’ll last longer and you’ll get better overall traction.

Are Winter Tires Better?

If the temperature consistently stays below 45 degrees Fahrenheit where you’re driving, the best solution is a set of winter tires. At or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, all-season tires get hard, almost like hockey pucks. The result is longer stopping distances and less traction on acceleration. Winter tires stay more pliable due to silica content in the rubber, thus gripping the road surface better, even in ice and snow.

With winter tires, you get what you pay for. Economy-priced winter tires are usually geared toward either ice or snow, but may not do so well in both. High-priced winter tires may look the same, but they’re typically well-rounded to perform in icy and snowy conditions.

One thing is consistent across the board: in winter driving conditions, winter tires are a much better choice than all-season tires.

Adjust Your Tire Pressure

Whether you have winter tires, summer tires, or all-season tires on your vehicle, proper tire inflation will keep your vehicle’s handling and traction at its best. Check your tire pressure at least monthly and adjust it to the proper pressure for your vehicle.

Don’t know where to find your vehicle’s correct tire inflation specifications? It’s easy! You can find the tire information card on the driver’s door jamb when you open the door on most vehicles. On some — especially older vehicles — it’s in the glove box or behind the fuel door. If all else fails, your proper tire inflation is listed in your owner’s manual.

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Tips on Cleaning Your Car—Inside and Out

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One of life’s mysteries is how your car can always be so dirty. Whether you drive daily or just a couple of times per month, dust and dirt accumulates inside and out. You could spend half your life on car detailing, but where’s the fun in that?

Instead, plan to give your vehicle a car wash every week or two. When the weather is less than pleasant, it may need to be more often. And, because there are few things worse than a badly cleaned car, here are some tips on how to clean your car like the professionals.

Hand Wash or Automatic Car Wash?

Sometimes when you’re in a hurry, an automatic car wash will suffice. But when you’re serious about cleaning your car, a hand wash is the best option.

Use a high-quality car wash soap to clean the exterior of your car. Mix it according to the instructions on the container and use a microfiber mitt or cloth to clean the paint gently. When you’re washing, start at the top and work your way down, one panel at time. That way, you can prevent the dirt and gravel at the bottom from moving upwards and scratching your paint.

Wipe Down the Interior

Interior car cleaning is often done with shiny sprays that leave oily residues. These sprays can actually damage the vinyl and plastics, drying them out and causing premature cracking. Plus, they collect dust that makes your car look dirty inside much quicker.

The best tools for the job are clean, hot water and a microfiber cloth. Wipe down the interior with a clean cloth and hot water, wrung out well. Wipe dusty and lightly soiled surfaces first and the heavily soiled areas last. Regularly rinse out your cloth to prevent smudges and streaks on the plastic.

Clean the Windows

Your interior and exterior may be clean, but visibility is even more important. Clean your windows inside and out using a premium window cleaner spray. Spray the window cleaner directly onto the glass after your car has gone through the car wash, then wipe it clean with paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

On the inside, spray the window cleaner onto a cloth, then wipe the inside of the glass with the dampened cloth. This prevents unsightly spots and drips on your dash. You might need to clean the glass more than once for perfect results.

Degrease the Engine

A professional detailer will always make the engine bay look brand new. Use a degreaser spray on the engine, avoiding electrical parts such as the alternator and junction block. Let it soak for a few minutes before spraying it off with a pressure washer. Hot water works best. Again, avoid direct spray on electrical components.

Clean the Carpets and Mats

Plan to vacuum your interior, including the seat, floors and floor mats at least once a month. Every six months, clean the carpets to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Rent a carpet cleaner with an upholstery attachment to deep clean it all and remove any stains. Not only will your car interior look better, but clean carpets don’t wear as quickly. Lastly, spray some air freshener to eliminate any odors. The smell of a new car never gets old (mmmmmm).

Let Luxe Take Care of Your Car

Fortunately, when you park with Luxe, you can request a car wash, gas fuel up, or oil change with just a tap. We also offer a monthly Car Care Subscription, which is included free when you sign up for a Monthly Subscription. Learn more about our monthly offerings today!

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5 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

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Buying a car is an exciting time, mixed with a little anxiety. It’s a big purchase, second only to buying a home for most Americans. However, owning a car is more expensive than the initial purchase price, and it’s unlikely you’ve considered every aspect that’s going to demand your money.

Sure, you’ve thought about fuel efficiency, maintenance costs and even repairs. Still, have you considered the cost of your car insurance? It may not be as cheap as you think. Don’t worry though. We’ve got your back.

Here are five ways you can save on your car insurance.

Comparison Shopping

Your current carrier may seem like the best choice for your car insurance, especially if you have other insurance plans with them. Nevertheless, unless you are getting a discount for multiple policies, the only benefit is convenience.

It pays to shop around for your car insurance. Popular car insurance companies typically have similar costs for similar coverages. However, you might just find that one company has a better rate specifically for either you or your vehicle. Spend an hour getting quotes from different companies to find the best rate. Start with this list:

Choose a Higher Deductible

If you consider yourself a low-risk driver or you don’t drive much, it might pay off to look for car insurance with a higher deductible. While an average policy deductible is $500 or less, you can choose a higher deductible. Most companies offer $1,000 deductibles, while Geico allows up to a $2,500 deductible.

Just know what you’re getting into. If you end up in an accident, you’ll pay the higher rate out-of-pocket for car repairs.

Ask for Discounts

If you’re a senior citizen, a student or part of the military, you might qualify for an advertised discount on car insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than just advertised discounts either. There may be applicable rate reductions for multiple policies, AAA members or other clubs and organizations that aren’t common knowledge.

Simply negotiating a lower rate may be possible too. When you get the first quote, ask if it’s possible to get a reduced rate. It may not always be effective, but it can’t hurt to ask.

Check Lesser-Known Insurance Companies

There’s often a benefit to using popular insurance companies, although lesser-known insurers may be a great place to find better rates. You may also find insurance criteria outside of the norm.

For example, Metromile has competitive pricing for an average insurance policy. However, they offer usage-based policies so that you only pay for the mileage you drive. That can keep car-insurance costs considerably lower, especially for people who don’t drive every day or who don’t drive far.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

Perhaps the most important way to keep your car insurance premiums as low as possible is a clean driving record. While accidents can happen to anybody, prudent drivers can expect fewer accidents because of less risky behaviors. Stay within the speed limit, obey traffic laws and keep your attention on the road while you travel.

A simple offense such as a speeding conviction can double your premiums in some cases. A major offense like reckless driving can render you ineligible for coverage from some carriers like Metromile, meaning you’ll end up paying the higher rate elsewhere.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe — It’s Child Passenger Safety Week!

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It’s September, which means back to school, regular routines, and kick-off for extracurricular events. As a parent, that also starts a season with many hours behind the wheel of your car, transporting your little Mini-Me passengers.

It’s fitting that September 18th to 24th is Child Passenger Safety Week. What better time is there to review safety tips for keeping your children safe in the car?

Know the Proper Seating

Do you know where your children should sit in the car? If they are 12 or under, the answer is NOT in the front seat. Your little ones should always be in the back seat of your car whether you’re driving a short distance or to an out-of-state tournament. It’s the safest place to be.

Use the Appropriate Child Car Safety Seat

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children under the age of two should use a rear-facing car seat (it’s even better to use this type of seat until they outgrow it). They should then use a front-facing child seat until the age of eight to twelve, or until they’ve grown to four feet, nine inches tall. Many child seats on the market today are three-in-one or four-in-one designs to accommodate your child’s growth. They can be adjusted through children’s stages of growth, from rear-facing seats in infants to booster seats later on. Once they’ve outgrown a booster seat, they should be buckled into the back seat.

Always Wear a Seat Belt

Aside from New Hampshire, every state has laws requiring all passengers to wear seat belts. Even in New Hampshire, children must be properly buckled in at all times. However, wearing a seat belt isn’t just the law — it keeps you and your passengers safe in an accident.
When your child is in their car seat, the harness should be buckled up completely and securely. Make sure it’s adjusted properly according to the car seat’s instructions so your child is best protected in the case of an accident.

When your child has graduated to using the car’s seat belt, whether in a booster seat or on its own, it needs to be adjusted correctly. The shoulder belt should ride across the shoulder and chest and should not rub on their neck or face. The lap belt should be positioned over the hips and lap, not across the stomach. Adjust the seat belt height adjustment to properly fit your child, and continue to use a booster seat if the lap belt doesn’t fit properly. It’s the safest way to wear a seat belt to prevent injury in an accident.

Get In and Out of the Car Safely

When your kids are getting in and out of the car, accidents can happen quickly. It takes no time at all for children to dart in an unexpected direction, and in the busy city, hazards are everywhere. The following tips are helpful for keeping your children safe as they enter or exit the car.

Use Child Safety Locks

They’re in your car for a reason, though don’t get used by many people. Child safety locks on the back doors prevent the door from opening from the inside. When child safety locks are used, little feet aren’t darting into traffic before you get a chance to take them by the hand.

Luxe Valet Parking

Another great solution for busy city parents is Luxe. Use our mobile app to request a valet to meet you at your destination and park your car for you. You can pull up right to the door and unload your kids safely. There’s less chance of Junior darting into traffic compared to a long walk from a distant parking spot. We’ll park your car securely, then bring it back to you, wherever you are!