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Parking just got that much easier with Drop Points and Scheduled Returns

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At Luxe we’re about making the parking experience affordable, fast, convenient and as consistent as possible. Our mission is to remove all of the stress of parking from people’s lives and today we are announcing two new product enhancements to deliver on that promise.

Introducing Drop Points
Our customers were asking us for recommendations on where the best places are to drop-off and pick-up their vehicles to make it as anxiety-free as possible.

Starting first in beta in San Francisco on iOS and Android, simply pull up the screen, type in the address and you will now see nearby blue points which indicate designated locations that you can drop off or pick up your vehicle at. Tap on a Drop Point and request a Luxe valet exactly as you used to.

Drop Points not only save you time, they save you money too! We’ll be offering Drop Point locations at better prices than the surrounding neighborhood, during rush hour times when things are busiest and most frantic, and where we do see some of the biggest of demand-based pricing.

We’re ramping up to a dozen or so Drop Points across the Financial District and SOMA for now. Our vision is that you’ll never be more than a few blocks away from a Drop Point.

And not to worry if you are in other cities, we intend to learn how it works, hear the feedback, and optimize the experience before we roll out Drop Points in other cities. Stay tuned!

Launching Scheduled Returns

You may have heard that we were testing a new scheduling feature that will allow you to specify exactly when you would want your vehicle returned to you. We call it Scheduled Returns and are pleased to announce this option is now available in all cities.

Scheduled Returns is all about giving you greater convenience, flexibility and the ability to plan ahead so you don’t need to stress or waste time by waiting for your vehicle.

With our most updated app, once you find a Luxe valet and drop off your vehicle you will see an alert asking if you want to request your vehicle to be returned now, or if you want to schedule a return. You can choose the time you want to have your vehicle returned at your location in increments of 15 minutes and at no extra cost for this feature. Already we’re seeing lots of folks enjoying this new feature and getting into their cars on time. Try it out today!