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Lucky with Luxe this Friday the 13th — $13 off!

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This Friday the 13th, get lucky with Luxe! Starting tomorrow morning through Sunday*, we’re offering $13 off when you park with us. Enter promo code LUCKY13, share it with a friend, or simply click the button below to redeem your credits.

Happy Friday the 13th!
Team Luxe

*this credit only applies to one time use and restricted to Friday 13 to Sunday 15, November, 2015. Does not apply to additional services or accounts with more than $50 in existing credit.

Holiday Survival Tip: Shop Merry, Park Easy with Luxe!

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This Holiday shopping season (November 27 – December 19, 2015) is predicted to be the busiest and most hectic yet! We even conducted a survey and found that 60% of Americans plan to avoid the Holiday shopping season because of parking, and only one quarter of shoppers plan to drive and park themselves.

We believe that no one should feel limited to shop because of parking this Holiday season and so today we are announcing Holiday Drop Points!

Holiday Drop Points are designated drop-off and pick-up locations (identified by a blue point in the app) for customers shopping in the central shopping areas of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New York.

Holiday Drop Points will launch from November 27 – December 19, 2015 and will be at better prices than the surrounding neighborhood; and conveniently located at the best vehicle drop-off and pick-up areas during the anticipated Holiday shopping rush hour times; and when traffic will be busiest and most frantic.

We’re also offering all customers who drop-off at our specific Holiday Drop Points, a special promotion of 25% off* when you park with us.

Holiday Drop Points locations will be found at:

  • San Francisco – 388 Minna Street
  • Seattle – 400 Pike Street
  • Chicago – 520 N Michigan Avenue
  • Boston – 1 Blagden Street
  • Philadelphia – 18th and Walnut Street
  • New York – 783 Lexington Avenue
  • Austin – 279 West 4th Street
  • Los Angeles
    • Hollywood & Highland – 6801 Hollywood Boulevard
    •  Downtown
      • FIGat7th – 735 South Figueroa Street
      • The Bloc – 815 West 7th Street

Shop Merry, Park Easy!
Team Luxe

*Does not apply to additional services

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New Drive Home Simplified Pricing and Drive Home For Business

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In time for the Holiday season parties and events today we are announcing new simplified pricing for our Drive Home service available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Boston and Chicago.

We launched Drive Home back in June 2015 as a partnership with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), to ensure that our customers who find that they are unable to drive themselves home, can request a Luxe valet to pick them up in their own car and make sure that they and their car get home safely. At Luxe, our mission is to make sure that our users never feel encumbered by owning a car in the city.

Drive Home is provided for a maximum radius of up to 50 miles and is covered by our industry leading $5M insurance policy. We also donate $1 to MADD for each Drive Home service.

Our new simplified Drive Home pricing is now:

Drive Home pricing_MR_11.8

Drive Home for Business

Today, we’re also introducing a new Drive Home for Business offer for businesses who are interested in providing employees our Drive Home service for Holiday parties and events at even further discounted rates. Folks interested should contact us at

By reducing the pricing for Drive Home and making it available for businesses to offer employees at a great cost, we hope to make it that much simpler to be merry this Holiday season and get home safe at the same time!

Team Luxe

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The night is yours, c/o Luxe = Best. Halloween. Ever.

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We love when Halloween falls on a Saturday! It gives us just a little more time to linger at our costume parties and we don’t have to worry about being too tired the next day at work.  

To celebrate All Hallow’s Eve (and the fact that we can actually sleep in the next day), we have decided to give our customers even more of a reason to stay out and have some fun. Starting Friday, October 30 through Saturday, October 31, Luxe is offering 50% off Overnight parking, as well as free Drive Home services for up to 10 miles ($3/mile thereafter)*.

Overnight parking is of course, just that. We’d be happy to take care of your car overnight. Drive Home is our designated driver service where a Luxe valet will drive you home in your own car, when you can’t. Both services will be a huge stress reliever for all the boys and ghouls, and for every Drive Home service we donate $1 to MADD.

We love our two night time services and know they will help you keep your focus on that cute French Maid or that mysterious Dracula across the room. Don’t stress or feel limited by having a car. Let Luxe take care of the driving so you can focus on your trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

Team Luxe
*this promotion is only available for cities where the services are provided and while availability lasts.

Luxe – giving you back ten years of your Life!

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Today we celebrate a year since our official launch, where we set out to make parking an effortless (and even enjoyable) experience. We started with parking and we continued to expand our role in providing car maintenance services. And as a result, a year later, Luxe stands for much more than just parking.

Luxe is an on-demand valet parking and car services company that believes that commuting and the car ownership experience doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful. We are making it simple for people to own a car and get to what they want to do and enjoy, by making parking, commuting and maintaining a car an affordable, easy and convenient experience.

As we look back at the year of Luxe, we’ve created an infographic to bring to life our journey and major milestones in servicing our customers. From launching eight cities across the U.S., to the extraordinary number of miles traveled by our valets, number of parks, car washes, oil changes and gas refills, Luxe has transformed owning a car from a stress-filled experience to one of effortless convenience.

More rewarding is to learn that we are making an impact on people’s lives. In our first year alone we gave our customers ten years worth of their life back by helping them park and maintain their cars with Luxe! We know this by looking at the time it would take our customers to park and obtain car maintenance services compared to the average time it takes our valets to do this for you. And our ability to give back valuable time is only going to increase.

Thank you for being a fan of Luxe. I hope you join us in celebrating a year of Luxe and that we can continue to help you own your car much more easily and efficiently.

Team Luxe




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To celebrate our official first anniversary and as a thank you to our awesome Luxe fans, from today (October 23, 2015) til the end of next week (October 30, 2015) we’re offering a $0.01 service fee only on Luxe gas refill services and taking 25% off all car washes and oil changes when you park with us!

To take advantage of the amazing feeling of getting your car returned with a full tank of gas, storing your car with us overnight, an oil change and/or a brand new shine, simply add-on the car service of your choice* when you request your valet.

Make owning a car simple!

Team Luxe

*this promotion does not apply to Parking, Overnight and Drive Home services and only available for cities where the services are provided.

Pricing at Luxe

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At Luxe we want to make sure we are providing the best, most affordable, fast and convenient customer experience as possible. And in order to do this we are committed to making sure that our pricing remains transparent and flexible to benefit our customers, while at the same time making sure that we’re still able to look after their parking and car services needs. Here’s how pricing currently works with Luxe.

Transparent Pricing

Not too unsimilar to most services, our pricing is based on demand and supply. This means that only during times of high traffic like rush hour, sporting or entertainment events, pricing may be higher than usual. We’re always thinking about the best way to communicate our pricing in these situations to customers that is clear and easy to understand. That is why with Luxe you will always see the current rate of the hour and daily maximum, based on location and demand for the day, front and center in the app.

Flexible Pricing

We realize that our customers have different needs for parking, ranging from both short term to long term.

For short term use we remain committed to offering customers affordable options to use us for only up to a certain number of hours and at fixed hourly rates (depending on which city you are in, this hourly option can be from three up to six hours). This means customers can park with us for a fixed rate per hour, up to three hours for example in San Francisco, before the rate then becomes a daily rate. Important to note here is that we charge the full hourly rate, whether or not, a customer uses us partially only within the hour.  

For long term use Luxe has introduced even more flexible ways of parking at lower fixed rates and inclusive of value-added services such as prioritized service. We offer monthly subscriptions for customers who park with us on a frequent occasion either for commuter, business, residential or long-term use.  

In addition to providing short and long term parking pricing solutions we are also looking at ways to make parking even more affordable when customers are willing to take advantage of efficiencies identified by Luxe. An example of this are Drop Points (available only in San Francisco for now), which are designated locations that customers can drop off or pick up their vehicle and always at better prices than the surrounding neighborhood.

Lastly with Luxe, customers never have to pull out their wallet. Luxe is a cashless transaction. Once we deliver a customer’s vehicle, their linked card is automatically charged and they receive a receipt in their email inbox. Our valets don’t accept cash tips either. As customers pay through the app, they can tip if they wish to, at the same time.

We hope that this clarifies how our pricing currently works. We also want to thank our Luxe customers for their continued support and for allowing us to help save them time, dollars and effort in parking and maintaining their car.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Your Luxe Team

Scheduled Returns just got even better—Plan up to 7 days ahead!

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A month ago we launched Scheduled Returns—a new scheduling feature that allows you to specify exactly when you would like your vehicle returned to you. Scheduled Returns brings you greater convenience, flexibility and freedom to plan ahead so you don’t need to stress or waste time by waiting for your vehicle.

We’re thrilled to share with you that our Scheduled Returns feature has just been updated so you can now schedule the return of your vehicle up to 7 days in advance. Need your car in time for happy hour? How about in time to pick up the kids after school? Even if your car is staying the night with us, just make a Scheduled Return in the app and leave the rest to Luxe!

Pope visiting? Need a place to park your car? We got you!

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Luxe is thrilled to be in the City of Brotherly Love now! And if you’ve been watching the news, Philadelphia is welcoming Pope Francis to the World Meeting of Families on Saturday, September 26 through Sunday, September 27. With up to 1.5 million visitors expected that weekend, Philadelphia city residents are being asked to remove their vehicles from the street, and we’re happy to do it for them! Similar to our long term storage service, we are offering a solution for Philadelphia city residents, where our valets will park their vehicles in one of our secured garages.

Philadelphia city has announced a secure vehicle perimeter around the Francis Festival grounds, which includes Independence Hall and the Ben Franklin Parkway, where the Pope will be appearing. Residents who typically park their cars within the secure vehicle perimeter must move their vehicles off the streets or they will be towed. As the City of Philadelphia, the Secret Service, and the Swiss Guard work to keep the Pope and the public safe, Luxe is here to safely store resident vehicles.

Here’s how it works

Starting Sunday, September 20, residents can store their vehicle by requesting a valet through our Luxe app, and valets will come to their residences to retrieve their cars and store it in one of our secure parking spots. We will charge $20 a day, waiving our $15 overnight fee for anyone that signs up through our Luxe Philadelphia website or by emailing Once Luxe confirms a customer’s storage parking space, on request we can also bring a Luxe Placard to place on the car’s dashboard before storing with Luxe, to ensure the car is not towed.

When driving around the city returns to normal on Monday, September 28, customers can request via our app for a Luxe Philly valet to return their vehicles back to their residences. Our valets will pick up and return cars to any Philadelphia location impacted by the Papal visit secure vehicle parameter, even if that residence does not appear to be in the normal Luxe coverage zone. Wherever the City says a resident’s car can’t be parked on the street, Luxe is happy to come valet it for Papal visit storage!

Visit to sign up for our services, or e-mail with any questions. Let Luxe worry about your parking needs and you can simply enjoy events like the Papal visit!

But we’re not done yet! We’re also pleased to announce that in addition to assisting residents to store their cars during the Papal visit, we are expanding our service area in Philadelphia. Due to an increase in commuter and resident demand for monthly subscriptions, our new coverage area will be Vine Street to South Street and 24th to 12th Streets.