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Memorial Day Hours

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Memorial Day weekend kicks off tomorrow! That’s right, only one day until you drive off to enjoy 72 hours of fun. But before you head out, please take note of our holiday operating hours this Monday, May 30. We will resume our normal hours on Tuesday, May 31.

Memorial Day Hours:

  • Chicago: Closed
  • Austin: Closed
  • SF: 10 AM–9 PM
  • LA: 10 AM–8 PM
  • NYC: 7 AM–10 PM
  • Seattle: 10 AM–9 PM

Happy 3-day weekend!
Team Luxe

Clean out your closet with Luxe and Goodwill!

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Before Spring comes to an end, we’ve partnered with Goodwill® to collect gently used clothing such as jackets, shirts, pants, blouses and any other items of clothing you’re shedding and would like to donate. And for every bag you donate, we’ll donate $1 to Goodwill.

Goodwill sells donations in its stores and online and uses the revenue to help people find jobs, earn paychecks, build their careers, support their families and build stronger communities. Together, as a community, we’re helping Goodwill put people back to work. Read the personal stories of people Goodwill has helped through your donations.

Here’s how you can spring clean for a good cause when you park with Luxe

  • Select the Give to Goodwill service from the Add-Ons menu after you park with us starting today till June 1.
  • Place your clothing donation in a bag clearly marked for Goodwill and leave it in the front seat (not the trunk) for a Luxe valet to collect.
  • All donations should be new or gently used, and must be clothing only. For more information on what to, and not to, donate please click here.
  • All Seattle customers will receive their donation receipts via email after completion of the service.
  • All NYC customers can download their donation receipt here.

Happy spring cleaning!
Team Luxe

Luxe Raises $50 Million Series B to Continue to Deliver On-Demand Valet Parking and Car Services to Consumers

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Today, we are proud to continue to make car ownership as painless as possible together with Hertz Global Holdings, Redpoint Ventures and Venrock. We are thrilled to welcome Hertz Global Holdings to the Luxe family, as well as the addition of John P. Tague, Hertz Global Holdings president and chief executive officer, and a member of the Hertz Global Holdings Board of Directors, to our board. Thank you to our investors and employees for all of their hard work — and most importantly, we couldn’t have done this without our amazing customers — THANK YOU! Stay tuned for even more great things from Luxe!

Read more about it here.

Team Luxe

Announcing Luxebots

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At Luxe, we drive innovation while staying ahead of the curve on the road to on-demand valet parking and car services perfection. While doing this, we embrace the inherent challenges faced in simplifying the way cities park and maintain their vehicles. And while our technology and automotive industry friends invest in self-driving cars in hope of the perfect future for transportation, we’ve also been planning for the future of on-demand valet parking. Because aside from Luxe’s many successes, solving for the urban problem of parking is complicated. However, one of our greatest challenges is about to become one of our most robust solutions. It’s called LuxeBot.

LuxeBot is simply the replacement of imperfect human valets with perfect robots. Investing in the creation of these machines is an investment in our customer experience—our main inspiration for everything we do. There are countless reasons for making this profound transition. The secret software servicing our LuxeBots provides plentiful perks that will be sure to please all of our customers.

Customers can now enjoy constant, in-depth communication about the status of their vehicle even while their LuxeBot is driving. Each LuxeBot is now programmed to speak our customer’s preferred language fluently, in the appropriate dialect and accent. LuxeBots can run one mile per minute up hills with a 9% grade, in the rain. They can jump over intersections during rush hour. And LuxeBots are equipped with up-to-the-second self-navigation software that guarantees they never take a wrong turn.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new LuxeBot program. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy it and immediately forget about those human valets we used for way too long.

Happy Parking!
Team Luxe

P.S. If you have read this far, Happy April Fools’ Day from Luxe! We love our perfect human valets and thank them for being such troopers. We have no plans to ever replace them. Those self-driving cars still need to be parked, too!

Bay Area Middle-Distance Relationships Hurt By Bad Parking

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Along with SSI/Instantly, we recently surveyed Bay Area residents who drive into San Francisco and found that on average, commuters travel 90 miles round trip to get to work in the city. As a result, they often have to sacrifice social activities at night with friends, colleagues and/or partners in order to get back home in a timely manner.

Unlike Long Distance Relationships (LDR), these suburbanites are often engaging in a middle-distance relationship (MDR) with city dwellers. Our survey results show that parking in the city deters them from spending time with their city-based friends, causing middle-distance relationships to suffer.

The survey revealed a few other surprising facts – that dining is important to Bay Area residents, but parking is a major hindrance:

  • 71% of Bay Area residents drive to the city to eat at a local restaurant
  • 82% of Bay Area residents would come to SF more often if there were more parking available
  • 42% of Bay Area residents spend, on average, 20 or more minutes searching for a parking spots

With 88% of Bay Area residents coming into the city for personal activities, we want to make middle distance relationships thrive again in the Bay Area. People who live in East Bay, Peninsula, Marina County, South Bay and Silicon Valley shouldn’t be deterred from visiting friends in the city just because of parking!

See below for the complete findings of our survey and don’t choose to be in an MDR and park with Luxe!

Team Luxe

Limited parking deters Bay Area resident’s from visiting San Francisco

  • 74% avoid driving to San Francisco due to difficult/limited parking, which was the second biggest deterrent, the first being traffic
  • 82% would come to SF more often if there were more parking available
  • 42% spend, on average, 20 or more minutes searching for a parking spot

Friendships are impacted by limited parking

  • 39% avoid seeing SF-based friends due to limited parking
  • 73% would be more likely to visit SF-based friends if parking were easier

Bay Area residents travel far distances to visit San Francisco

  • 55% live 40 or more miles away from the city

People most come to the city for personal/leisure activities, with weekends being peak times for visits

  • 88% visit the city for personal activities (not work related)

Saturday, Sunday and Friday are the most popular days that people drive into the city, respectively

  • 12% drive in on Monday
  • 12% drive in on Tuesday
  • 14% drive in on Wednesday
  • 15% drive in on Thursday
  • 38% drive in on Friday
  • 78% drive in on Saturday
  • 47% drive in on Sunday

Dining is the most common reason people drive into the city at night or on weekends

  • 71% drive to the city to eat at a local restaurant

Feeling Lucky? Win Free Drive Home Service This St. Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are upon us and we want to help Luxe fans enjoy the festivities and get home safely in their own car. So from now til St. Patrick’s Day, we’re giving away free Drive Home services to select winners*.

Drive Home is Luxe’s exclusive service that let’s you get home safe in your own car when you are unable to drive. Simply select Drive Home after parking with us and a valet will pick you up in your own vehicle and drive you, and your car, home.

To win, all you need to do is select the clover leaf service card in the app, after you park with us, from today through Wednesday, March 16. You can enter as many times as you like and winners will be announced via email.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Team Luxe

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*See Terms and Conditions here. Pending Drive Home availability in Luxe market.



Luxe For Partners – Making It Easier For Your Customers To Get Directly To And Enjoy Your Experience

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The Luxe customer is always out and about and loves their car. They’re often commuting between cities or they live in urban areas with limited parking. They use Luxe to get to work and even more so to catch up with their family and friends – be it at the latest hotspots, dining out, attending a concert or sporting event. Whatever the activity, time spent for Luxe customers is better spent making a dinner reservation on time or enjoying the full first act of a theatre show, rather than circling the block searching for a parking spot.

That is why today we are announcing a new program, Luxe for Partners, which makes it easier for businesses and organizations to partner with Luxe on a regular basis to provide parking solutions for our shared customers.

We partner to provide businesses and organizations a staff of valets when they most need it, and handle all logistics from picking up a customer’s vehicle at the location, to dropping it off anywhere within our coverage map that the customer requests their car to be returned. And based on the type of agreement we land on with a partner, we also pay our partners a fee for using us as their parking solution.

The beauty of offering Luxe as a parking solution is that we can also offer your customers more than just parking while we have their car. From car washes, gas refuels and oil changes during the day to overnight parking, as well as our exclusive Drive Home service that allows our valets to be a designated driver and get guests home safely.

For more information or to enquire about partner with Luxe please go to Luxe for Partners or contact

Now All Your Guests Can Get the VIP Treatment – Introducing Luxe for Events!

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We often get requests from individuals and companies looking for parking solutions for special occasions and events. Whether it’s servicing a private dinner party downtown, a company hosted event, or a conference that has little to no parking – we want to be there to help your guests get directly to your event, and not have to worry about circling the block for parking! So today we are launching a new service called Luxe for Events.

Luxe for Events provides dedicated and on-site valets as an event parking solution for your guests. Luxe will handle all logistics from sourcing parking lots to requesting parking permits if required. We’ll help you to easily on-board your guests and manage the process for how to park with us. We’re also offering affordable and flexible payments options. From organizer paid to guest paid, as well as a hybrid model, we provide customized rates to fit your budget.

With Luxe for Events, your guests can arrive directly at your event and not have to feel encumbered by owning a car. They no longer have to wait outside for a valet to return their car, and can schedule the return of their car in advance in the app, so that the car is waiting for them as soon as they need to leave.

The other great thing about offering Luxe for your guests’ parking needs, is that we’re able to do a lot more than parking. We offer an exclusive Drive Home service to get guests home safely in their own car when they are unable to drive themselves. We also offer overnight parking options.

For more information or to plan your event parking needs please go to Luxe for Events or contact  


Because Every Teen Should Have The Chance To Be A Princess

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This weekend and next in San Francisco, we’ve partnered for a very special cause with The Princess Project, in its drive for collecting new or gently used formal gowns and accessories for deserving young teens.

The Princess Project promotes self confidence and individual beauty by providing free prom dresses and accessories to high school teens who cannot otherwise afford them.

Here’s how you can get involved, when you park with Luxe

  • Select The Princess Project additional service from the Add Ons menu after you park with us this weekend, February 20 and 21, and next, February 27 and 28
  • Accessories, prom dresses, formal gowns or fancy party dresses need to be clearly marked for The Princess Project and left in the front seat (not the trunk) for a Luxe valet to collect them for donation
  • All donations should be new or gently used, in excellent condition and bought in the last five years. Items should also be dry-cleaned and on hangers
  • To download a donation receipt please visit
  • For more information on what to, and not to, donate please visit: or email

Please join us and The Princess Project, in helping to make a teen’s dream come true!

Team Luxe

Princess Project_Email_MR_1.16.16_Service card

How To Have (And Win!) The Perfect Valentine’s Date Night

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We’ve partnered with our friends at BloomThatRinse and OpenTable to give away the perfect Valentine’s Day Date Night valued at $400 including The Peyton blooms, dry cleaning and laundry service, a dinner gift certificate and a free car wash plus on-demand parking.

For your chance to win, tweet @BloomThat @Rinse @Luxevalet @OpenTable with #PerfectVdayDateNight #sweeps now through Feb 10.​

CTA Button_tweet now

Steps to a perfect Valentine’s Day Date Night!

Send them the flowers they really want with BloomThat

Valentines Day Promo_email_MR_2.4.16_BloomThat

Make sure you look and feel your best with​ Rinse

Valentines Day Promo_email_MR_2.4.16_header_rinse

Score an awesome reservation at a local hot spot with OpenTable​

Valentines Day Promo_email_MR_2.4.16_opentable

Drive your squeaky clean car to your rockstar parking spot with Luxe​

Valentines Day Promo_email_MR_2.4.16_Luxe

See Terms and Conditions here.