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New Look, New Name, Even Better Service

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In 2013, we set out to change the way we park forever. As the first team to create an on-demand valet experience, we moved fast to get our product in the hands of customers in order to see if our theories were correct — that this product was actually beneficial and useful to people. With this fast movement came quick design decisions and, two years later, it was time to rethink our look and feel.

In a four month journey to create the new identity, we teamed up with branding expert Mackey Saturday to find a simple yet bold mark. Together, we agreed what makes the Luxe experience so special is its simplicity and convenience.


At its core, Luxe is a simple word, four letters long and comprised of two shapes (the half circle) and a straight line. Rather than continuing to build equity in a logo in addition to our name, we felt that simplicity and boldness would come from letting our name be our icon.


Is it simple?

Is it appropriate?

Is it memorable?

With yes to all of these questions, we are excited to unveil Luxe’s new look to everyone today:


The logo is about simplicity and convenience, how our users should think about parking everyday. You may have also noticed that our name has gotten shorter as well. We first launched as Luxe Valet, but with the growth of additional services and programs like Drive Home we are so much more than a valet service. We are a platform that makes our customers life simple and convenient. Just as our new design represents this, it is important that our name mirrors this simplicity as well.

Over the course of the next few weeks you will begin to see new jackets. So wave hello and let our valets know that you like their new look!