Tesla Road Trip Tips

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If you decide to take a road trip in your Tesla, you’re probably thrilled that you don’t have to budget for gas station stops. On some models like the Tesla Model S P100D, the range can be as much as 337 miles on a full charge before you need to recharge the battery. That’s about your limit between leg stretches and bathroom breaks too. When you hit the road with your Tesla, there are still items for which you need to plan. If a road trip is in your future, check out these Tesla road trip tips.

Plan to Recharge Your Batteries

If you’re headed across the state line or across the continent, you’ll need to top up your battery charge from time to time. Tesla has developed the Supercharger Network, featuring more than 700 locations with blazing-fast recharging stations. A Tesla Supercharger station can charge your battery to 80 percent capacity in just 40 minutes. Or, in just 75 minutes, you’ll have a fully charged car once again.

That’s just enough time to grab a sandwich and soda at a diner and snag a handful of snacks for the road. Better yet, the Tesla Supercharger Network is free of charge. All you have to do is plot available stations along your route. You can find available Supercharger stations on the Tesla website.

If you’d like to plan out all of your charging stops, we recommend you use a planning tool like EVTripPlanner. They’ll take into account the type of Tesla you have, outside temperature, and tire size to calculate your total travel time — driving + charging time.

For winter road trips, you should expect to use about 40 percent more power on average. For every 10-degree drop on the thermometer, you’ll lose around 10 miles of actual range. Factor this in when you’re calculating your charging stops.

Keep Track of Your Tesla

For road trips that require an overnight stay, you may have to leave your Tesla parked outside in unfamiliar territory. You may worry about your vehicle or its contents — after all, you’re probably fully loaded for your road trip. It would be great if you could post a sentry to stand guard.

With the Tesla Motors app, you can keep tabs on your Tesla no matter where you’re parked. If you want to warm or cool your car before you leave your hotel room, you can use the app. Not sure if you locked the doors? Confirm on your Tesla Motors app. Chirp the horn to find your car in the mall parking lot. Monitor your battery level, all right from the Tesla Motors app. It’s an essential download for your road trip and available for Android and iOS.

Expect the Unexpected

You might change your plans on the go — abandon the in-laws for a trip to Disney World with the fam. Or maybe you’re having issues with your car. Now your planning and route are out the window. With the ConnecTT app for iOS and Android, you can switch it up without a problem.

The ConnecTT app gets you in touch with anything you may need on your road trip. Looking for a Supercharger? ConnecTT will help you find the closest one. And if there aren’t any nearby, you can connect with other Tesla owners and request their help. Need service on your car? The app has qualified service stations near you for whatever you may need. Need a quick bite to eat? Location-based restaurants and coffee bars are listed. The ConnecTT app is a great addition to your device for your road trip.

Bring a Spare

OK, maybe a substitute for a spare tire will do. In the event that you catch a leaky tire on the road, far from a Tesla service center, the Tesla tire repair kit is a good investment.

It’s a portable compressor that also injects a sealant into the tire, slowing or stopping your tire leak. It’s not the best solution for a tire leak, but it’s a good one if you don’t have other options. Plus, it’ll keep you on your timeline for your road trip.

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