Announcing Luxebots

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At Luxe, we drive innovation while staying ahead of the curve on the road to on-demand valet parking and car services perfection. While doing this, we embrace the inherent challenges faced in simplifying the way cities park and maintain their vehicles. And while our technology and automotive industry friends invest in self-driving cars in hope of the perfect future for transportation, we’ve also been planning for the future of on-demand valet parking. Because aside from Luxe’s many successes, solving for the urban problem of parking is complicated. However, one of our greatest challenges is about to become one of our most robust solutions. It’s called LuxeBot.

LuxeBot is simply the replacement of imperfect human valets with perfect robots. Investing in the creation of these machines is an investment in our customer experience—our main inspiration for everything we do. There are countless reasons for making this profound transition. The secret software servicing our LuxeBots provides plentiful perks that will be sure to please all of our customers.

Customers can now enjoy constant, in-depth communication about the status of their vehicle even while their LuxeBot is driving. Each LuxeBot is now programmed to speak our customer’s preferred language fluently, in the appropriate dialect and accent. LuxeBots can run one mile per minute up hills with a 9% grade, in the rain. They can jump over intersections during rush hour. And LuxeBots are equipped with up-to-the-second self-navigation software that guarantees they never take a wrong turn.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our new LuxeBot program. We have a feeling you’ll enjoy it and immediately forget about those human valets we used for way too long.

Happy Parking!
Team Luxe

P.S. If you have read this far, Happy April Fools’ Day from Luxe! We love our perfect human valets and thank them for being such troopers. We have no plans to ever replace them. Those self-driving cars still need to be parked, too!

About Team Luxe

Luxe is an on-demand valet parking and car services app that believes that commuting and the car ownership experience doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful. We are making it simple for people to own a car and get to what they want to do and enjoy, by making parking, commuting and maintaining a car an affordable, easy and convenient experience.