Now All Your Guests Can Get the VIP Treatment – Introducing Luxe for Events!

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We often get requests from individuals and companies looking for parking solutions for special occasions and events. Whether it’s servicing a private dinner party downtown, a company hosted event, or a conference that has little to no parking – we want to be there to help your guests get directly to your event, and not have to worry about circling the block for parking! So today we are launching a new service called Luxe for Events.

Luxe for Events provides dedicated and on-site valets as an event parking solution for your guests. Luxe will handle all logistics from sourcing parking lots to requesting parking permits if required. We’ll help you to easily on-board your guests and manage the process for how to park with us. We’re also offering affordable and flexible payments options. From organizer paid to guest paid, as well as a hybrid model, we provide customized rates to fit your budget.

With Luxe for Events, your guests can arrive directly at your event and not have to feel encumbered by owning a car. They no longer have to wait outside for a valet to return their car, and can schedule the return of their car in advance in the app, so that the car is waiting for them as soon as they need to leave.

The other great thing about offering Luxe for your guests’ parking needs, is that we’re able to do a lot more than parking. We offer an exclusive Drive Home service to get guests home safely in their own car when they are unable to drive themselves. We also offer overnight parking options.

For more information or to plan your event parking needs please go to Luxe for Events or contact  


About Team Luxe

Luxe is an on-demand valet parking and car services app that believes that commuting and the car ownership experience doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful. We are making it simple for people to own a car and get to what they want to do and enjoy, by making parking, commuting and maintaining a car an affordable, easy and convenient experience.