Luxe For Partners – Making It Easier For Your Customers To Get Directly To And Enjoy Your Experience

The Luxe customer is always out and about and loves their car. They’re often commuting between cities or they live in urban areas with limited parking. They use Luxe to get to work and even more so to catch up with their family and friends – be it at the latest hotspots, dining out, attending a concert or sporting event. Whatever the activity, time spent for Luxe customers is better spent making a dinner reservation on time or enjoying the full first act of a theatre show, rather than circling the block searching for a parking spot.

That is why today we are announcing a new program, Luxe for Partners, which makes it easier for businesses and organizations to partner with Luxe on a regular basis to provide parking solutions for our shared customers.

We partner to provide businesses and organizations a staff of valets when they most need it, and handle all logistics from picking up a customer’s vehicle at the location, to dropping it off anywhere within our coverage map that the customer requests their car to be returned. And based on the type of agreement we land on with a partner, we also pay our partners a fee for using us as their parking solution.

The beauty of offering Luxe as a parking solution is that we can also offer your customers more than just parking while we have their car. From car washes, gas refuels and oil changes during the day to overnight parking, as well as our exclusive Drive Home service that allows our valets to be a designated driver and get guests home safely.

For more information or to enquire about partner with Luxe please go to Luxe for Partners or contact

About Team Luxe

Luxe is an on-demand valet parking and car services app that believes that commuting and the car ownership experience doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful. We are making it simple for people to own a car and get to what they want to do and enjoy, by making parking, commuting and maintaining a car an affordable, easy and convenient experience.