New Drive Home Simplified Pricing and Drive Home For Business

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In time for the Holiday season parties and events today we are announcing new simplified pricing for our Drive Home service available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, Boston and Chicago.

We launched Drive Home back in June 2015 as a partnership with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), to ensure that our customers who find that they are unable to drive themselves home, can request a Luxe valet to pick them up in their own car and make sure that they and their car get home safely. At Luxe, our mission is to make sure that our users never feel encumbered by owning a car in the city.

Drive Home is provided for a maximum radius of up to 50 miles and is covered by our industry leading $5M insurance policy. We also donate $1 to MADD for each Drive Home service.

Our new simplified Drive Home pricing is now:

Drive Home pricing_MR_11.8

Drive Home for Business

Today, we’re also introducing a new Drive Home for Business offer for businesses who are interested in providing employees our Drive Home service for Holiday parties and events at even further discounted rates. Folks interested should contact us at

By reducing the pricing for Drive Home and making it available for businesses to offer employees at a great cost, we hope to make it that much simpler to be merry this Holiday season and get home safe at the same time!

Team Luxe

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