#MeetLuxe: Partner Ryan Cole of Stones Throw

#MeetLuxe: Partner Ryan Cole of Stones Throw

One of Luxe’s first local business partners, Stones Throw, is a Russian Hill neighborhood gem drawing diners from not only all over the Bay Area — but all over the country — to enjoy its renowned California/American cuisine and friendly, fun environment. We took a minute to chat with Stones Throw owner Ryan Cole and hear his thoughts after his first month of partnering with Luxe to help his customers get to the good part faster: dining!



Why did Stones Throw decide to be one of Luxe’s first local partners?

Because of my early work to partner with Uber and OpenTable, I’m pitched by tech companies nearly every week on new products relevant to local businesses and restaurants. I always make time to listen to what new companies have to say, because you never know when something great will cross your path. That said, most of the time it’s not a fit, or the solution I’m being pitched would actually create more work for us — but Luxe was different.

What made Luxe different from other tech companies you hear about?

Luxe actually solves a real problem. Here in Russian Hill, parking is as close to impossible as it gets. And as a city restaurant without a white zone in front and no parking garage nearby, we don’t have many options for our guests from the East Bay, South Bay and others who drive in. We suggest they don’t drive or even park in garages a couple miles away and then take an Uber over, but most still drive and go through the ordeal of looking for a parking spot. It can take more than 30 minutes to find a spot, and some never even find one.


How does Luxe help Stones Throw?

I want people to come into Stones Throw already happy, and I think it’s part of my job to help with that. Uber has been a great partner for people who don’t need to drive, and now we can recommend Luxe for the people who do need to drive in. They can park in seconds — versus circling the block for half an hour — arrive on time and, of course, happy.

What do your customers say about Luxe?

We tell every customer with a reservation to try Luxe if they’re driving in. San Franciscans like to be the first to know about something, so it’s fun to see people get excited to get into Luxe early through bypassing the waitlist with our partnership. I think people are really intrigued by the idea and when they try it, can’t believe it exists!

About Curtis Lee

Curtis is CEO and co­founder of Luxe. After racking up hundreds of dollars in parking tickets and almost missing one too many dinner reservations from circling the block, he came up with the idea for Luxe: an easy, reliable and affordable way to park. Curtis resides in San Francisco with his wife and cute french bulldog Oliver.