LA, We’ve Got Your Spot

LA, We’ve Got Your Spot

The best part about what we do here at Luxe is hearing feedback from our community. Every day we hear stories about how Luxe is making life easier — helping people make it to meetings on time, saving money and perhaps best of all, spending more time doing what they love.  Little things like like getting back early to their kids, arriving to their dinner without circling the block or simply having an extra 15 minutes to grab a coffee before the work day begins all add up.

We’re heartened that just three weeks after launching, Luxe is quickly becoming a habit here in San Francisco. In that short time, over two thirds of our first time customers have parked again with Luxe, and over 30 percent of them use our additional services, like filling up the tank and getting a car washed – saving even more of their time.

That’s why we’re excited to bring Luxe to a city that needs a parking solution just as much, if not more, than San Francisco. We’re announcing today that Luxe LA will be available next month.

Why LA next? Known best for its traffic, parking in LA is not for the faint of heart. With a total of four million daily commuters, a whopping three million of them drive – and the amount of parking tickets in 2012 — $153M — gives you a hint of the pain LA residents face when it comes to parking.

Luxe LA will change all that. We’ll begin with two of the city’s toughest areas to park, Venice and Santa Monica. We’ll be rolling service out to LA residents and kicking off partnerships with local businesses and building our on-demand valet fleet over the next several weeks. You can sign up here to be one of the first ones to park Luxe LA – the first in will get a free park.

Happy parking, soon in LA!

About Curtis Lee

Curtis is CEO and co­founder of Luxe. After racking up hundreds of dollars in parking tickets and almost missing one too many dinner reservations from circling the block, he came up with the idea for Luxe: an easy, reliable and affordable way to park. Curtis resides in San Francisco with his wife and cute french bulldog Oliver.